Monday, 25 May 2015

Review: "The Barrow of the Moon Druid" by the Oliver Brothers

The Barrow of the Moon Druid is a free adventure hosted on Dragonsfoot for characters of levels 2-4.   The material is intended for use with AD&D 1st Edition or 2nd Edition (with some adjustments).  Realistically, any TSR-era D&D or a clone of the same would suffice. Writing and illustration is all credited to the Oliver Brothers (James, Will, and Paul), as is the play-testing.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Thoughts on modelling the activity of NPC adventuring parties

After the events of my most recent session as DM, I'm left with a problem and opportunity.  The party intends to take a few days out before continuing their exploration of the ruined temple.  That's fine - they certainly have the right to proceed at their own pace.  However, such breaks in tempo can't be free of consequences.  When a site potentially rich in treasure is discovered, other adventurers may seek it out - and in the absence of another group of players to sic on the place, I'm obliged to use non-player characters.