Sunday, 22 December 2013

Why is there treasure in dungeons?

Some answers through the ages:

Gygax (funhouse) "A wizard did it."
Gygax (naturalistic) "The treasure was cached by ancient civilizations far superior to those that exist today."
Holmes: "The dungeon is a sentient being and secretes loot as a lure for adventurers in the same way that it spawns monsters to kill them."
Moldvay: "It's fun!"
Mentzer: "What Tom said."
D. Cook: "The focus groups and playtesters agreed that this was a fun part of First Edition that we should carry forward into a new era of the game. But, of course, it's optional!"
M. Cook, Tweet, and Williams: "It's necessary to give the party a certain amount of equipment in order to protect game balance. This game is balanced. Honest."
Heinsoo: "I agree with Johnathan, Monte and Skip - except my game is balanced and theirs wasn't."
Reynolds: "Your feedback doesn't have anything to do with actual play or having fun. Discussion closed."

(No reviews today, I'm gaming.)

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